Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Time

School started for the girls August 6, 2008. Here in Huntsville, AL they start school early and get out for the summer early. Megan just started third grade and Emilee is in first. Megan was not so eager to start this year. She has figured out the older you get, the more work you get. She longs for the days of kindergarten with story telling and games. Emilee was excited to start first grade, though she says her favorite things at school are lunch and recess. Go figure. No matter what, they are both doing great and it looks like that we have been blessed with talented and intelligent daughters.

Smokey Mtns. Adventures
This last month of August we were able to go through the Smokey Mountains of TN before school started. We spent three days there. The first day we went to Dollywood, the second day we went to Splash Country, and the third day was back to Dollywood. The kids had so much fun. Megan is addicted to rollarcoasters now and asks often to build one in our backyard. The funny thing is I don't think she is kidding. Emilee and Hunter were not quite tall enough to go on the big coasters, but enjoyed all the rides they could go on. The Smokey's are beautiful and there is a lot to do. It will be nice to go again and enjoy all the other attractions that this land provides.