Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Harry Potter room underneath the stairs

It has been forever since I posted anything. I wish I could say that I have just been too busy to post like everybody else. (Though, I do get busy) That really isn't it at all. Just nothing has really happened worth posting. So, I found these pictures in my camera today that I took when my dad was here for Christmas. Now something about my dad, he can't just sit around....he has to have some sort of project to keep him going. One day as he was sitting on the couch, he kept looking at the wall where our stairs go up and decided that nothing could possibly be under there and thought what a bunch of wasted space. He wanted to build a closet there if that is what we wanted. Well, after speaking with Jeremy we decided, sure....that would be awesome!! Now, Jeremy was at work for the week, so since Megan was out of school, she became the designated assistant, and you know, she did pretty well for most of it. The first thing they had to do was make a small hole to see if for sure it was a bunch of wasted space. Sure enough, it was hollow so the next day, they took the saw and started sawing down the wall. I guess there was no turning back after that. If I remember right, Megan did a fantastic job.
Saw, saw, saw away Megan.......So, now they are inside. One of the hardest things was the electrical, It was driving my dad crazy, because he couldn't find the right wiring or something. All I know is that part took all day and it wasn't suppose to. Now for the most part, my dad is pretty patient, but after that day, I think he might have felt like, "What have I gotten myself into." He did it of course, he always does. Doesn't Megan make a great assistant. She looks so professional with her hard hat and tool belt. Gotta love her.

Well, here it is, the wall is up inside, the door is on, the electrical is done, I believe all that needs to be finished here is to put the floor down, which Jeremy did. The first items stored in the closet were the Christmas decorations. Today I put all of our board games in there which freed up a lot of space on the bookshelf. Thanks dad....You're the best.
Megan often tells us that she wants her very own room. I can't blame her, I mean she is the oldest, but of course this cannot be. After we were done, we told her she could move her bed and things in and have her very own Harry Potter room underneath the stairs. She looked at us and said, " No Way", she liked her room just fine, but maybe we could put grandma down there.