Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

Another year has gone by, and we find ourselves dressing up for Halloween again. I think this celebration holiday is probably the kids favorite. They start planning for it while trick or treating the previous year. My kids talk about it all year long and change their minds about 100 times of what they will be. What great fun it is to be a kid. Megan is always changing her mind and is probably my most indecisive child. This year she finally made the decision to be a vampiress. The fangs were the most important part of the whole costume. Do you know that they really don't make good looking fangs for someone her size. Her little mouth was just too small. We finally decided on the cheap ones and of course, she chose purple. I don't think I have ever seen a vampire with purple fangs. Of course, I guess I have never seen a vampire at all. All I have to say is, watch out Cullen Family, Megan is coming to get you.
This is the third year that Emilee is wearing a wig. They all seem to be blond of some sort. This year, she decided she wanted to be Rapunzel. I thought for sure she was going to stick with her choice from last year. She talked about it most of the year which was Velma from Scooby Doo, but after watching some Rapunzel movie she quickly changed her mind. I must say, she makes a most beautiful Rapunzel.
Hunter was convinced he was going to be Buzz Light year again. He doesn't like that the old costume has gotten a bit small and wanted a new one. Well, one Saturday a few weeks ago, we were at the store and he looked at the Buzz costumes until he saw Bumblebee. Well he quickly changed his mind and for sure that is what he was going to be. As we were getting ready to check out, he saw Optimise Prime and decided he was going to be the leader of the Transformers.
The kids definitely got their use out of their costumes. It started last week with the Fall Festival at school, Trunk or Treat a few nights ago, and then of course Halloween Night. I must say, I am all Halloweened out and we have candy everywhere. The kids have had fun though and can you believe it, of course they are already talking about what they will be for Halloween next year.

Happy Halloween !!

Choo, Choo

We are always trying to find fun and different things to do with the kids. Last year, we learned about this train that you can go on at different times of the year. It changes it themes according to the holidays. Easter, Mother's Day, Fall Colors, Halloween, and Christmas. We seem to always think about it, after the fact. Today, we remembered. It was the Goblin Express for us. The kids were excited to ride on a real train. Well, I have to say that sometimes when you look forward to something, it is not always what you hoped for. It was definitely not the experience I thought it would be. Jeremy and I were a little disappointed in it. The kids on the other hand, seemed OK with it. I guess that is whats important. As long as they were happy, then I am happy. They liked the train, they liked the experience, and of course, they liked the goodie bag they got, when they got off the train.