Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy Squirrel

OK, so I thought I would share our experience with this baby squirrel that was outside on our back porch the other day. I have never seen a squirrel that was so calm. The kids were outside playing and came across this baby squirrel just basking in the sun on our back deck. The squirrel didn't run away at all. It almost seemed like it was looking for friends or someone to play with. Almost like you might see Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty who could talk to the animals. Not only that, wherever we would walk, the squirrel would walk as well, like a kitten following you or something. If we weren't afraid of getting some disease from the fury little critter, it would have hopped right into our hands, if we would have let it. I have never seen such a thing. We have tons of squirrels around our house, but as soon as you walk outside, they are off, not to stick around. Not this particular squirrel. It was looking for a friend. The kids had so much fun watching it. (Don't worry, I made sure the kids didn't touch it at all, or let the squirrel touch them, though I think Megan was tempted. She is our animal lover) As I tried to take pictures, the squirrel would follow me around. It followed me all over the backyard. I finally let the kids feed it some bread. They threw pieces to it like feeding the ducks. It was crazy. Here are the pictures I took. Enjoy!

I wouldn't let Megan get too close. This was the best we could do.

Emilee was more scared. If you look close, you can see the critter in the leaves. It is getting ready to hop on the deck.

I know, it looks dead here, but no it is not. Just resting and having a little shut eye, basking in the sun. Doesn't care that we are there. Kind of like a pet. Megan calls him Squirrelly.

This is after its short rest. Megan so wants to touch it, but I say no way. That is as close as she gets.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gladys Knight "Saints Unified Voices"

Tonight, down in Birmingham, we had the opportunity to attend a fireside put on by Gladys Knight. It is called "Saints Unified Voices". It was excellent. We invited our neighbor and her 13 year old son. They both loved it. What amazing performances. I have never seen a choir perform like that in person. Some people couldn't help, but get up and move and clap to the music. Me, myself, had the urge to stand up and yell, "Hallelujah!" But I resisted. Gladys Knight puts on this fireside throughout the country and we were blessed to see it. She gave some of her experiences about coming to know of the gospel and also her husband gave his experiences as well. A couple of others spoke and to my sup rise one of the speakers was one of my seminary teachers from high school. WOW! Mostly, it was some great music with a wonderful spirit. What amazing people, she and her husband are. They both bore wonderful testimonies. It was very very uplifting. Some of the soloist were so fantastic. American Idol has nothing on them. The stories they told were great, the testimonies they bore were wonderful, and the music was unbelievable. If this performance ever has the opportunity to come where you are, please take the chance and invite someone and go. You will love it and so will who ever you invite. It was just wonderful.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We all can create

So, my friend in Virginia had this video clip on her blog. It was a talk that was done by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. They made it into this nice inspiring video clip. I would like to thank her for putting it on her blog. What a great message and what wonderful inspiring words that they were. This was one of my favorite talks given by Elder Uchtodorf from our last Women's Conference. It really does make me think and feel about creation. We all have the ability to create. I myself always feel pride in things that I can create. For example, I love to play the piano. (Though, I am not always good at the piano, but I still love to play) I got this new piece of music to play. A song that I just love. When I started, I thought no way, I am never going to learn it, but I persisted and now I think, how could I have thought that. Now, I didn't create the song, but I created the process in which I learned the song. Other things I like to create might be, a letter to a friend or family member, blogs, a craft for super Saturday (though usually I steal those ideas), lessons for church, a new way in teaching something to help my children learn, friendships, jokes I might share with my husband, time with my children, and even a new skill every once in a great while. We all have the ability to create something. What can you create? If you don't think you can, sit down, and think. I bet you have creations every minute of the day. (you might have to pause my playlist music, so you can hear the clip)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Junior Music Festival

A couple of weeks ago, Megan had the opportunity to perform at a music festival in front of judges. Her piano teacher thought this was a good way to help her play in front of others and to learn how to better her music skills. She played two songs and was in the room by herself. No parents were allowed while they were performing. She did fantastic. We got the results last week, and the outcome was superior ratings for both songs. Megan is doing so well. She gets better all the time. She seems to enjoy it. I hardly ever have to ask her to practice. In fact, she practices sometimes 3 or 4 times in a day. Sometimes she just passes the piano, sits down, and plays. At times, she even thinks she is better then her mom. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if she passes me up in the next year or two. I will be looking forward to it. We are so proud of her.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh No, Not Snow

Early this morning, Emilee came into my room, woke us up and screamed, Mom, Dad, it snowed, it snowed. You would think she never saw snow before. I mean she did live in No. Virginia. Well, she opened the curtains, I looked out the window, and what do you think I saw? I groaned, Oh No, Not Snow. Well, it is not much, but it is enough that it means it is cold outside. YUCK! I was hoping we were on our way to nice spring weather. I am so ready for that. Usually, it is not to cold here. A little like Las Vegas and definitely not as cold is Virginia. But this winter we have had a lot of cold, dark, rainy, dreary days. I am ready for spring. Aren't you? Especially those that live in the snowy weather.