Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Hard Knock Life.....

Emilee has been taking a musical theater class since January. They have been learning some dancing, stage presence, and other performance skills with learning about musical theater. In Huntsville every year, there is a Arts Festival called "Panoply". Emilee's little group was asked to perform at it. A few weeks ago the girls started learning It's a Hard Knock Life from Annie, so they were able to perform it at Panoply. This is the first time the girls have been able to perform in front of anybody. Emilee was very excited. All day she wore her hair in a pony tail with the hopes of taking it out right before so she could look all messy. I thought the girls did pretty good for their first time in front of anybody. Emilee came home and said,, "we were the very best ones." I just love her humility, don't you?? Well, you can check out the video below. Just pause the music on the left. Emilee is in the back row with the red apron on.

At Panoply they have all sorts of things to see and do. They have a ton of crafts for the kids to do. The food smelled so good. Too bad we had dinner before. The kids were having lots of fun, until the rain started, so we had to end early. Maybe next year we can enjoy more of the festivities.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better late then never--Easter

Well, I know that I am a little late posting these pictures. I usually get these things on right away, but all I can say is time has not been my friend lately. Also, I know that these pictures are terrible. I desperately need a new camera. I don't know what is going on with mine, but it can't focus for anything. Even though the pictures aren't very good, I have to make them work. I mean, this is our family journal, I guess you can say, so how could we not have a memory of a great Easter posted. It really was a good Easter. As always, the kids woke us up early and made us check out what the Easter Bunny left. They wore their Easter clothes the Sunday before, because this year General Conference landed on Easter. (Which was a great conference) I think the kids really liked what the Easter Bunny left them. So enjoy the pics, even if they are terrible. I guess that should be my next big buy....a new Camera.