Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm back!!

It has been along time since I have posted anything on the blog.  I know.  That is usually not like me, but I have been super busy these last couple of months.  I hate being really busy, but the kids are getting older, more activities to attend and just tons more stuff that I have to do.  I am usually so much more organized, but lately I have been a mess.  So let's just get you up to date with a few things.  First up, I was just called to be the primary secretary a few weeks ago.  That has taken up a lot of my time.  Because the ward has gone through some major changes, the primary had a bit of chaos in it.  They didn't have a secretary for some time and in a matter of weeks, it had doubled.  So a whole new presidency was formed and I was called as the secretary.  It has been interesting to get things organized as best I can for my part.  I think I may be almost there.  With that, I am still doing activity days, 'cause we have more pressing matters to deal with at this time.

Now I am also involved with Emilee's DI team team at school.  What is DI you ask.  It is a menace to my existence right now.  I do not like it.  DI stands for Destination Imagination.  They prepare all year long on one big challenge and practice mini challenges where they use their imaginations to solve problems.  I am not going to go into detail about it.  If you are really interested, just look it up on the Internet.  Just know that this is my first and last year with being in charge of it.

Of course, I am always busy with everything that the kids are doing.  Taekwondo, piano, and school projects to help with, dentist, eye and doctor appointments, plus I am still subbing a whole lot.  Almost everyday now.  I love it, but I find that I am exhausted by the end of the day and when all is finally quiet, I can't put myself to sleep because I really do enjoy the silence.
So here is some good fun news that Jeremy and I did the other day.  I found out on Thursday that O.A.R. was going to be in Nashville the next day.  When Jeremy came home from work I told him and we decided that we would buy some tickets, reserve a hotel room and head up to Nashville and go see them.  Who is O.A. R. you ask?  (I am a little surprised at how many do not know) Well, turn on your radio to the good station, none of this country crap and listen to something good for a change.  They are an awesome band and the concert was way fantastic.  We had tons of fun and tried to experience our youth again.  Though it was a standing venue , so with getting there early to get a space for us right up front and listening to the opening band and then to O.A.R. itself, we were standing for about 5 hours.  The show didn't start until 9:00 pm and O.A.R. didn't get on stage until 10:30.  By the time we got to the hotel.  It was almost 1:00 am.  I definitely felt my age after that.  Besides that, both Jeremy and I were screaming, dancing, jumping and singing.  It was some fun that I most definitely needed.  I so need to go to another one.  Train, David Cook, Cold Play, whatever just call me up and I am there with you.
Last week, Hunter had a school performance he was in.  They sang songs all about the month of February.  They were so cute.  I loved it.
In the middle of it, they all pulled out some sunglasses out of their pocket, put them on and started singing a song about a groundhog and the cold bad winter.  It was very cute and very funny.  Hunter is growing up.  He is turning into one of those boys that makes noises under his armpits.  His teacher says he is talking a lot more and coming out of his shell more.  I am not sure if that is such a good thing.   Hopefully he will continue to be the sweet boy he always is with just a few spontaneous moments.

Well, that catches us up somewhat.  There is tons more in between these things, but I am not writing a novel you know.  Until next time (hopefully soon)..............