Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family and Friends Fun Night

It is always fun to have a fun family night, but it is even more fun to have a family and friends fun night.  We have many good friends here that we enjoy hanging out with.  Tonight we spent some time with some good friends and went bowling on the Aresonal (the army base for those that don't live here).  It was one of those turn the lights off and watch the neon lights and spotlights come on to bowl.  We had a good time.  The kids laughed a lot, the adults had some good conversations, and it was just fun to get together.
Emilee was in the groove with her bowling expertise.  She is shouting for joy after one of her many spares.
This is my beautiful friend Christine and her kids are up above.  We usually have a ton to talk about, whether it is about books we have read, losing weight, school politics, kids, annoyances, and just about anything else you can think of.  Her kids and my kids get along great.  Even though my girls have a bit of an age difference from her little girl they still have tons of fun playing together.
I love my kids a ton.  They make me laugh all of the time.  Even when I am not suppose to laugh because they have done something not acceptable.  I still find myself having to turn my head so they won't see the little chuckle that came out of my mouth.  They have so much energy and they say some of the funniest things.  I love it.
I am here to say that I am a terrible bowler.  Tonight was one of my worst.  One would think if one grows up with a bowling ally in the basement they might be good.  They would be wrong.(That is not as glamorous as it sounds.  It really is no big deal.  Some people just get a pool in the backyard.  My dad must have decided a bowling alley was more practical.  I probably could have put a pool to better use.)
Father and son.  They make a cute couple.  
The night was ended with a treat from dad.  Ice cream.  Well, I think it is actually custard, but really what's the difference, right?  It's all good.

I love it when friends can get together.  Of course we have fun with just our family, but good friends make it even better.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to the routine of things

The time has come again.  School Time!  The anticipation is over and we are back to our old routines.  I have many friends who dread this day.  They say that the summer is too short and are sad to see their kids go back to school.  I myself do not feel that way.  I never have.  Does that mean I love my kids less??  I don't think so.  I  just love to get back to the routine of things.  Let's face it.  I do enjoy my time.  It is nice to get the house in order again and to finish projects that I have put off for awhile.  Some how it is always easier to get them done while the kids are at school.  Besides, the kids will never admit it, but I think they enjoy going to school as well.
They woke up refreshed and excited to go.  Outfits picked out for the last 2 weeks, hair done, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, lunches packed, and backpacks packed.  They were off.  What did I do you say on the first day of school?  Exercised, laundry, finished some projects for the Young Women, ran a few errands, and before I knew it, the kids were back home on a most stormy day.  
Megan is in sixth grade this year.  It blows my mind.  I remember her first day of kindergarten and it feels like we just had it.  This year they are doing something a little different.  She is now at the top of the school in ranks.  Big sixth graders who have the rule, right??  They have a schedule, start out in homeroom and switch classes, but not as a class, but individually, just like middle school.  She came home and said she liked it that way much better.  She is also a little worried.  She knows they are more strict and worries if she is ready for all this.  I assured her she will do just fine as long as she always does what is expected of her.  
Emilee is in fourth grade this year.  WOW!  She has the same teacher Megan had, which I am so pleased.  Megan grew so much in that class and I know Emilee will do the same.  She had a fantastic day her first day.  She came home all excited as she told me all the things that she gets to do.  
Then there is Hunter.  My baby.  He is a big second grader now!  I still can't believe it.  I tell Jeremy all the time I don't think it is possible that he is in second grade.  He seems so much like my baby.  I suppose he is and he always will be.  I was also so excited to find out who his teacher was.  She will be awesome with him and I know I will see such great strengths out of him this year.  

So another school year started.  It is exciting.  I am so blessed to live where the kids go to such a great school.  They love it.  They love their friends and they love their teachers.