Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween Night. The kids have been talking about Halloween since Halloween Night last year. It finally came. First the kids got to go to a Trunk or Treat up at the church. It was only an hour, and early enough so the kids could get a chance to go trick-or-treating. They had a great time at the Trunk-or-Treat. Though when we went out later that night Emilee and Hunter had a hard time. They were not as happy. We went about 15 min. and both were ready to turn in. I got them to go for about another 30 min after that. Megan on the other hand, could have gone all night.
WATCH OUT Gotham City, Here comes Bat Girl! Megan changes her mind daily for a year of what she is going to be for Halloween. For a while, it was suppose to be an astronaut. We were going to make her costume and everything. She started playing a game on the Internet that she learned about from school. It was about making up a super hero. She decided that is what she wanted to do. So Bat Girl was the winner. I have to admit. She makes a great looking Bat Girl.

Move over Captain Jack Sparrow, Here comes Elizabeth. About January, I was at the Disney Store and I found this costume on the clearance rack for $4.00. I had to get it. Somebody was going to wear it. Emilee was the winner. Poor Emilee had a hard time Halloween Night. The night before she was up all night with a bad cough and fever. She missed school today, but seemed to do well throughout the day. She did well at the Trunk-or-Treat as well, but while we were Trick-or-Treating it all came back. She was miserable. Probably the night air. We came home, she took some medicine, and went straight to bed. She does make a beautiful Elizabeth though.

Arggggg! Hunter was at the store with me one day and wanted this Pirate sword so bad. Tears just ran down his face when I had said no. Grandma gave in and decided to buy the sword for him, but I had told him that if he wanted the sword then he was going to be a pirate for Halloween. He agreed. His costume I pretty much made up. Shirt, old pants, and I bought a pirate hat. He looks good. He couldn't wait to go Trick-or-Treating. Everyday he would say, "I can't wait, Let's go tonight" Well tonight after about 10 min. He kept saying, "I want to go home ." I couldn't believe it. It was a struggle to finish the block.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green Mountain Lake

This weekend we decided to enjoy the beautiful fall day. We went to walk around Green Mountain Lake. This is about 20-25 min. away from our home in Madison. It was very nice. We couldn't ask for a more perfect day. We had a short picnic of KFC and went on our way to walk around the lake. There was a little nature trail that went around the whole lake. Lots of trees. Very pretty. Hunter's face is just great. He just loves it so much when I make him stop to take a picture. As you can see, the leaves are beginning to change. I always find this so wonderful. I have never imagined such great colors to come on trees. In Virginia, the colors are even better, but I still think they are very beautiful here. You just don't see this when you grow up in the desert of Las Vegas.
Here are my three again. They are right next to the lake. The three musketeers. Actually, I think my kids are quite crazy, but I love them anyway. I must say, I have some pretty great kids. I have been blessed in this life. After eight years, I am still surprised I am a mom. It still feels just like yesterday when Megan was born. The years really go by fast.

Hunter and Jeremy, walking hand in hand. Father and son. Hunter loves his dad. He really likes to tackle Jeremy all of the time. When Jeremy is home from work on the weekend, He runs up to Jeremy and yells out "Morning Tackle" while he jumps up on his stomach.

Daddy's Girls. I think that there is always a special relationship between daughters and their dads. It seems like my girls try to always try to be on their dad's good side. They like to tackle Jeremy as well. Poor Jeremy. Everyone always wants to jump on his stomach. Oh well, it is good for him.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Megan's Singing Performance

Here in the Madsion City School District, they trick us parents to come to the PTA Meetings. They use our kids and have them perform a group of songs that usually centers around a theme. Each month a different grade performs. First they have the meeting and then the kids sing for us. This month was the third grade. I know the picture is kind of blury. Sorry, Hunter was on my lap and it was hard to see. Megan is in the red shirt up front next to a girl in a blue-green shirt. They did a good job. If you scroll down a little you will see a short video you can look at. Also, not a very good video. It was the little video on my camara. I thought maybe you would enjoy it though.After the performance was over, I grabbed the kids a took a picture of them. As you can see, Hunter looks so thrilled. Always sucking his thumb. We are really going to have to work on that this year. I know, some of you (like family) who have known me my whole life say, Like Mom, like Son. The problem is not only Mom, but Dad as well. We both sucked our thumb for a long time. Hunter is screwed. Oh, well. He is still the cutest 4 year old boy that I have ever seen.
Remember, Megan is in the red shirt on the front row, next to the girl in the blue-green shirt.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Achievement Girl's Day Hike

Today we had an Achievement Day Activity. The girls got to go on a hike. The leaders asked if a parent could come a long with their child. I have to say that at first I was not enthused to go. It wasn't so much cause I didn't want to go on hike. I actually like to hike, but as some of you know I have a huge fear of snakes. I know. It sounds silly, but the slithering critters are around here and have been known to cross paths with the non-suspecting hiker here in the woods. You are thinking, come on, get a grip, get over it, what's the big deal. Whatever. The weather has gotten a bit cooler so I was banking on that. Now this hike was suppose to be a simple mile hike. By the time we were through, it was probably a 2.5 to 3 mile hike. We must have chose the wrong trail. It was up, down, through the rocks, jumped over a few ridges. We definitely got our exercise, but the girls seemed to have a lot of fun. Though they were pretty tired at the end. I asked them if they wanted to go again. NO WAY was the response. The weather was pretty perfect. Temperature was nice and cool. Definitely a great fall day. I took this picture of Megan on one of our breaks. It really was very pretty.

After the hike, the girls played on a little playground set that was set right before the trails started. Here is Megan, chatting away with one of her friends. It really was a fun day. I think tomorrow though, I might be a little sore. And guess what? I didn't see one snake. I am glad I went and enjoyed a great day with my oldest daughter.

Scary Megan

So, I went to this book discussion group at the library the other night. The books that they were discussing were the Twilight Series. Anyway, they gave out little things and kept up a theme of the book. (Granted, that the vampires in Twilight didn't have fangs, but it was the theme of the night) Megan has had fun with the stuff. We will call her my little vampire girl.

I decided not to fix the red-eye in this photo to keep the effect of the vampire look. Pretty Cool. She tried to bite her dad, but was unsuccessful. I guess, she didn't inherite that vampire strength.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twilight Series

Well, I have finished all four books from the Twilight Series. I will admit, it was very hard for me to put the books down. It was like a movie that wouldn't end. I had the luxury of not having to wait between books, since they were all out before I even thought of reading them. It was a great adventure. I recommend them to anyone. Now I have to anxiously wait for the movie like the rest. From the previews that I have seen, it looks quite comparable. We shall see. I guess the last preview comes out this week. I saw that Entertainment tonight is doing something tonight on Twilight the Movie. I will have to check it out. I wish I could see the movie with some of you. Sometimes I feel like I miss out on a lot being so far from home. Well, until later....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Kitten & New Moon

On Thursday, when the girls were getting ready to catch the school bus, we went out and found a little furry friend. A little kitten probably no more the 5 weeks old. It followed us up our porch and was all over the girls and tried to follow them to the bus. I was so afraid it would get ran over. I wouldn't care so much if it were an adult cause they usually know better. I took it inside put in a box and decided I would take it to the Humane Society. Megan couldn't understand why we couldn't keep it. I tried to first explain my cat allergy which isn't as bad as some, but bad enough. Also that it cost money and it all adds up. We just were not in the position to make such a commitment. This is all gibberish though to and 8 year old. Before we took the little kitten in Hunter had a chance to play with it. I have to say, I was a little tempted. It was really a cute playful kitten, but then I came to my senses. At first the Humane Society said they didn't have any room for a kitten, but with a little persuasion they took it in. (By the way, they do have a no kill policy)
On another note. For those Twilight fans out there. I just finished New Moon. I know, that was fast. I just finished Twilight on Friday. My girls couldn't understand how I could finish a book so big (to them) in just a day. I told them, when I like something it is easy to read fast. In this case I was just trying to get to the chapters when we saw Edward again. Jacob seemed like a nice kid and all, but I didn't see the connection as well as I did with Edward and Bella. Each time I finished a chapter, I felt I had to go on the see if Edward was back yet. Darn it. You hooked me again. I guess it is time for Eclipse. At this rate I will finish all the books by Friday.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


OK, so I just finished the book Twilight by Stephenie Myers. I have to say that I really liked it. I didn't think I would. See, my first experience with a Stephenie Myers book was The Host. I hated The Host. I thought it was very boring and very hard to get into. I told the book group that I didn't think I wanted to read this Twilight series since I hated The Host that bad. Well, a friend there encouraged me to read Twilight and assured me that I would like it. OK, so grudgingly I decided to read it and unfortunately she was right. What a great book. I enjoyed it very much. It took me about 3 days to read it. I just couldn't put it down. Can I just say that I love Edward Cullens. Doesn't it just take you back to those old feelings? The drawback is this; Now I have to read the other books of the series. I was hoping to not like it and now I am stuck. Even worse, I can't wait to see the movie. For those of you who haven't read it yet, I would encourage you. For those of you that have and liked it, Darn it, You sucked me in.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Apple Festival

We have a lot of festivals on this side of the country. We went to a lot in Virgina and we have been able to go to some here in Alabama. Last Saturday, we went to the apple festival. It was fun. Megan was invited to go bowling with her primary class so that is what she chose to do instead. The rest of us went to the festival and saw lots and lots of stuff. It is easy to want to spend money at these things , but we refrained. (except for a bag of apples and a funnel cake, how can you go to a festival and not get a funnel cake for the kids) Hunter here is waiting to grab a bunch of Apples.

I knew that there were many kinds of apples, but I didn't realize how many different kinds. They had apples I have never even heard of. Emilee here is sampling all the different kinds of apples. It is amazing how each one tastes so different.

This guy at the fair had his own midway game set up. You pay $3.00 and get 10 balls. You stood behind the cage and tried to throw the balls into the jars that were floating in the little pool. If you made one ball in then you got to take home a bunny. I didn't even want to try at all for fear that I might make it and then I would have to take home a bunny. Emilee wanted to try, but we said NO WAY!! She enjoyed looking at them anyway.

Before we left we purchased a bag. Once you had your bag you could put as many could fit and carry. They didn't all have to be the same type. You could put all kinds of apples in it. We brought home a lot of apples and some pears too.

Emilee finally gave the bag to her dad. She couldn't hold it anymore. It was a fun day. It is fun to see all the stuff. I get lots of ideas for enrichment crafts.