Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Having a Six Flags Day

Well, for most of Spring Break, we couldn't go anywhere. I had a Relief Society Birthday dinner to prepare for. Things were busy, busy, busy. We decided that it would be nice to go on a short trip, starting Friday and coming back Sunday. We didn't want to tell the kids about anything. The Friday we left, they were surprised to see me packing the suitcases and were like, "where are we going?" It was 20 questions after that. When we were almost to Atlanta, we told them that the next morning, we were going to Target to pick up a copy of New Moon. They didn't know what to think, but I stuck with my story. Megan kept saying, "what so special about that Target? You could have done that at home." I told them that was the surprise and they couldn't believe it. I really wanted to keep them going, but Jeremy couldn't do it anymore. Right before breakfast on Saturday morning, the kids wore Jeremy down and he told them we were going to Six Flags. So weak I tell you. Though we did end up going to Target right before to get that copy. HAHAHAHA!! We had a good day. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Hardly any crowds at all. I think the most we stood in line was maybe 20 minutes. The first roller coaster I took Megan and Emilee on was a big white wooden coaster. Reminded me a bit like Colasses at Magic Mountain. Emilee screamed the entire time. Probably not the best choice for her first big coaster ride. Megan, of course loved it. She is my coaster girl. She wants so much to build one in our backyard. Ya right. I told her, how can we do that when we don't even have a swing set yet.
Superheros was definitely the theme. They got to go through Metropolis and Gotham City and even had capes to fit in with the superheros, which they wore all weekend long and some. Megan really tried to wear hers to school, but I just couldn't let her do it.

Emilee wanted to go on a coaster with one loop, so we took her on the "MindBender ride" After we went through the first loop, she screamed "I don't like the loops, I don't like the loops" Then what do you know, we entered a second one. She was not a fan of that ride either. Megan though, of course loved it. I see that my girls are very different. Which is wonderful.
Hunter was just glad to ride the rides in Bugs Bunny World. He loved the swings, the big tug boat, Thomas the Train, the airplanes, and much, much, more. He didn't like the Monster Mansion though and when he was done he said, "Mom, you didn't take a picture of me crying, did you, 'cause that would be really uncool." I told him, no teary pictures today. He was glad to hear that.
What a day! We stayed 'til just about the park closed. I loved to see the kids having so much fun. It was trips like these that I remember most as a kid and I hope the same is for my kids.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Eclipse Trailer

Since I did this with Twilight and New Moon, I thought I would share the 90 sec teaser for Eclipse. Enjoy......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Emilee's Second Grade Program

When we have PTA meetings at school, they end with a performance by one of the grade levels. This time is was second grade's turn. Emilee couldn't be more excited. Here are a few pictures of the evening and some video. Excuse the camera. It was freaking out on me, so the pictures aren't very clear and the video is not the best. My Emilee is a funny girl. She has been taking theater classes the past couple of months, working on a sorts of musicals, dances, singing, and stage presence. You should see her "Hard Knock Life" hair spin flip. What a girl. They will be doing a big performance in May, so we will keep you posted.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Look, It's Amelia Bedelia

A couple of weeks ago, the author of Amelia Bedelia, Herman Parish, visited the kid's school. What a treat and of course they had to have books that he could sign. Me being an avid reader had to let that happen, so I let the kids pick the books that they would like to have for him to sign. How exciting for them. They were so excited to tell me all about it when they got home. Well, today I dropped off a folder for Emilee at school and I ran into Hunter's teacher. She handed me this newspaper clipping she found in the paper of the event and what you know, it was Hunter having his book signed by the author himself. I thought that was totally cool. Doesn't my Hunter look so big? How fun that day must have been. (It is just a small caption, but I think you can click on the picture and it should go larger to read the print)
Well, of course, Mr. Parish had to bring Amelia Bedelia along, so there she is. That is her brushing Emilee's teacher's hair or something. You know that Amelia....she is always doing something funny.