Friday, May 27, 2011

Another day in Lexington, KY

I have usually been pretty good at updating our blog, but the last couple of months have been truly busy and I am still quite busy.  I have some things to post, but we will start with Lexington.  The first of April, I took the kids up to Lexington, KY.  As most of you know, Jeremy travels a lot for work and Lexington is one place he goes often.  We sometimes go with him.  The first year, we took Megan for her birthday.  Of course, Emilee decided she wanted her turn so the next year we took Emilee up for her birthday.  Well, Hunter talked about it all the time and would ask when it was his turn to go up to Lexington to ride and visit the horses.  Jeremy will not be going to Lexington anymore, so on his last trip up there, I packed the kids up, picked them up from school and drove them up so Hunter could have his turn as well.  It was a fun trip and here is what we did.

 In the past, I have always gone on the ride with the kids, but while riding the horses, I have learned that I am pretty allergic to them.  I didn't use to be.  This is something that has occured in my old age, but every time I get on the horse, when I get done, my eyes are swollen and red.  I decided to just watch this time.  Hunter was actually too young to go on the ride, but he was able to go on the pony rides instead.  We let him go on several.  He had a great time.o
 We went to several children/science museums on this trip.  I think I got museumed out for a bit, but the kids had a blast and our family pass got well used with what we had payed for it and that was a huge plus.  By the way, look at Emilee Hula Hoop.  I have several of these pics.  I never knew she could move her hips like that and it was all so effortless.  She could have hula hooped all day long.  I can't even do it for 10 sec.  WOW!!
Who knew that Cincinnati, OH was so close to Lexington.  Only an hour a way.  So we made the trip and went to a huge museum that actually had about 4 museums in it.  It is an old train station that they converted into a place for museums.  They have the coolest kids museum that I have ever seen.  I personally could have spent all day in it.  Now, why didn't they have these things when I was a kid??
We also went to the Natural History Museum in the center.  What was cool about this one is that they had a couple of man made caves inside that were pretty realistic.  One was a smaller trail then the other, but it was really cool.  Usually you can't climb around in a cave when you are on a tour, but in this one you could climb and play away.  So much fun.  Hunter didn't go in.  He was to scared of the bats he might see.  They did have some live bats down in their cave, but they were behind glass and pretty scared.  We couldn't see them.  Trying to explain this to a 6 year old was useless.  His mind was made up.  He stayed outside with Jeremy and then me so Jeremy could go through as well.
Afterward we went for a walk down the Ohio river.  Even though the kids had a good time skipping rocks and all that fun stuff.  I wouldn't get in that river for anything.  Yuck!
After the weekend, We had to get back and put the kids back in school.  Jeremy had to say and work.  On the way back, I stopped in Nashville and let the kids go to the Adventure Science Center.  We had never been there and I had heard good things.  It was quite the place.  It was hard to get the kids to leave.   
Well, that's it.  I know it's a lot and it happened a couple of  months ago, but it is never to late to post.  I have some more stuff to post.  Jeremy and I just got back from Seattle so that is coming next and of course all the kids just had a birthday, so I have tons about that.  Stay tuned.  I'll see ya soon.