Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mothers all over can relate.....

When I went to Time Out for Women back in October, Hilary Weeks was one of the performers. This was actually one of the fun songs she did. I saw it on youtube, and was reminded how familar the lyrics were for me on a daily basis. I thought you would enjoy it, so I wanted to share. Enjoy!! (remember to pause my playlist of songs, so you can hear)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Day at the Museum

We have a yearly pass to the children's museum. The kids really like to go. They love to dress-up. This is one of their favorite things to do. They pretend they are pioneer children. This is the log cabin, they pretend to live in. Megan is the cook and Emilee buys the stuff from the store (pretend store) across the street from the cabin. Hunter is around also, but he wouldn't get in the picture, the little stinker. They have lots of other stuff to do, but this is one of their favorites. Sorry the picture is not very good. I used my camera on my phone. I think you can tell though how much they like it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

Picture this.......The time is 6:00 am. Since church doesn't start until 1:00 pm, mom and dad try to take advantage of sleeping in after a hard week of work, children, school, fights, appointments, and whatever else you can think of that keeps us busy, busy throughout the week. We are deep, deep in sleep, dreaming of peaceful times and a land with no worries. ( Ya right, like that is reality) All of the sudden, 3 very noisy children run and tackle the peaceful dreams away. That is how it started this beautiful Easter day. The kids came screaming in this morning, yelling. "the Easter Bunny came, the Easter Bunny came". I never heard such noise. Well, they were very impatient little children and wouldn't let me go back to that dreamland that I love so much. So, I lazily got out of bed and down the stairs I came. That is how Easter started in the Lamps home today.

It took Jeremy longer to get down stairs. Here is Emilee waiting and waiting until dad came down.
In our home, the Easter Bunny provides an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids each year. Each child is provided with specific colors on their bag of what colored eggs they look for. The Easter Bunny is very fair. This is how he makes sure that each one of the kids gets the same amount of eggs. The eggs sometimes have candy, prizes, and sometimes even money inside them. Here, Hunter is opening his eggs to see what treasures the Easter Bunny has left for him.

Here is Megan and her Easter basket. She got a password journal in her basket. Emilee got a Tinkerbell craft and Tinkerbell bracelet, and Hunter got a Spiderman web shooter. Of course they all got that great Easter candy. Let's just hope they keep it away from mom and dad.
The kids are looking at the treasures from their egg hunt. This year there was no money, but each one had a watch inside one of their eggs.

We are ready for church now. Every year growing up, my mom always bought me an Easter dress. Even when I got home from my mission, she still took me out to buy a new dress for Easter. Of course, I do the same with my kids. Here they are in their new Easter clothes. I think they look so fantastic. Megan really wanted purple shoes with her dress. We hunted, and hunted for them. I can't believe we found some. We must have looked at all the shoes stores in Huntsville and do you know where we ended up finding them? Children's Place of all places. Go figure.
Emilee asked to wear my pearls. These were my grandmother's real pearls, so she always feels really special when I let her wear them.
The watch Hunter found in his Easter egg was a Star Wars watch. He couldn't wait to go to church and show his primary class his new watch. Usually when it is time to go to church, Hunter is not always enthused. Today was the exact opposite. About an hour in a half before we had to go, he kept saying, "Is it time. I can't wait. We have to go now." He was so excited to show his new watch to his friends.
We had a wonderful Easter Day. We hope you all had a great Easter Day as well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Boat

So, when we moved away from the west, I learned something about Jeremy that I never knew. Amazing how you learn things about your husband all of the time. Anyway, he loves to fish. I asked him why I never knew this and he replied that in Las Vegas there was no place to fish. No place good anyway. Well, he went with a friend in Virginia from time to time, but they mostly just fished off the shore since neither one of them had possession of a boat. Talk of him wanting a boat then started. Of course he really liked the idea of one of those great fishing boats they used on those fishing channels, but like that would ever happen in the near future. So, he has been looking for the next best thing, and last week he finally got it. In Kentucky of all places. Now, it is just a small John Boat ( I guess that is what it is called. I am not very fluent in boat language) This particular boat is actually 2 pieces. It comes apart so that you can put it easily in your vehicle, then is easily put back together to make a great fishing boat on the lake. He wants to get a small motor to put on it as well. ( he has a name for that too, but I am not fluent in motor language either) The kids are excited to go fishing with him. They each have their very own fishing pole. They just need life jackets now. I have to say I am not the fisherman so I will leave this activity for him and the kids. They like to spend time with just their dad anyway. So, now Jeremy is looking forward to a nice day to try it out. Let's hope it won't sink. I must say, that would be bad.