Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Poll is closed

I guess Megan got her answer. Scooby-Doo is the winner of what cartoon you would mostly watch. She doesn't quite understand why SpongeBob wasn't in the running. I wonder why? Hhmm. Stay tune for the next poll. (As soon as I think of something to poll.)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is it Halloween already

The kids have made friends with the kids that live behind our house. There is a door on the fence that connects our houses and the kids love spending time over there. The boy is named Jon and he is in Emilee's class. Anyway, they were over there the other day and Jon's mom e-mailed me this picture. Very funny. Watch out Super Villians! The Heroes are coming!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women;s Broadcast

I just came back from the Women's Broadcast. I really enjoyed it. I will have to be honest and say that I really didn't want to go tonight. You know, sometime I get like that. ALOT. Well I am so glad that I went. It was really a good broadcast. I got some good insight. I think I especially liked when Sister Thompson brought out that Relief Society is the Lord's organization for Women and that it is our Heritage. I never thought of it like that. To me that is like saying it is our birthright. Another statement I liked was from Elder Uchtdorf that Creation is something that did not exist before. Start small when trying to create something new. He said that we each have the desire to create that wasn't there before. Anyway, I thought I would just tell you a few things that gave me some insight. For those that went tonight, tell me somethings that you liked from the broadcast.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Primary Program

I know that I just made a post about our Mini HULK, but I wanted to let you know how the kids did in their primary program. I told you before that Megan was asked to play the piano while the primary kids sang the song"Home". She practiced and practiced and practiced. This morning, (the day of the program) she was an emotional wreck. She teared all morning and was tearing up at church. She said that her tummy felt funny. I told her that she had practiced so hard I knew that it would be great. When it was her turn, she got up and looked very brave. She did a wonderful job. I didn't hear one mistake. Hunter was his stubborn self through most of his practices. Wouldn't say a word. I made a deal with him that he liked. Today, he got up there, said his part real well, and sat down. I new he could do it. Emilee was the luckiest. She was the last person to say her part. I told her that usually the last things said is the thing people remember the most. She was fantastic. I took a picture of the kids when we got home today and I thought I would post if for you. Just know this, I am so lucky to have such great kids.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Watch out for the HULK!!!!

So, I would like to be on the record to tell you that my son is CRAZY!! He got these hulk hands for his birthday back in May. He decided that the Hulk doesn't wear a shirt and either should he. All night he went around the house roaring like the Hulk and smashing everything. I just had to take a picture and share it with you. Also he has learned about a character called "Captain Underpants". He has learned about this from his trusted older sister Megan. Hunter enjoys running around in his underwear and yelling "I am Captain Underpants". I decided not to share pictures of that will all of you. Some things are just meant for our eyes only. Consider yourself lucky. We love him anyway. It is amazing how much he is growing up. He is very much all boy even though his sisters try so hard dress him up like a girl. Those are drawbacks of having two older sisters. Well I will say until later.......but until then WATCH OUT FOR THE HULK!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, at the range

Jeremy and I went out with some friends on Saturday. They have a shooting range out here that is free to use. It is about 25 min. from our home. We had a good time. I still can't hit a target at all. Oh well, maybe someday. Jeremy seemed to have a good time. We will have to go again.
Not to much to talk about. I have been doing some substitute teaching. I taught a kindergarten class on Friday. I had forgotten how much I like teaching kindergarten. It has helped me to get motivated to take my test for my Alabama teaching certificate. The same school keeps calling me back so I guess I am doing something right.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did you know....Fun facts about Alabama

  • Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon.
  • Huntsville, AL is known as the rocket capital of the world.
  • The word Alabama means tribal town in Creek Indian language.
  • Alabama is the only state in the US which has all 4 North American poisoness snakes. ( Rattle Snake, Copperhead Snake, Cottonmouth Snake, and the Coral Snake -- I haven't seen one yet and I hope I never do)
  • The longest jail sentence ever handed down in the US was received in 1981 by Dudley Wayne Kyzer of Tuscaloosa. He received 10,000 years plus 2 life sentences for killing 3 people.
  • People from Alabama are called Alabamians.
  • Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas a legal holiday in 1936.
  • The Unclaimed Baggage Center, which buys all lost luggage from the airlines, is located in Scottsboro, AL. (This is about 45 miles from us in Madison. It is amazing what people take on their trips)
  • The first 911 call in the US was make in Haleyville, AL on Feb.16, 1968.
  • Alabama marble is considered the purest and whitest in the world. It has been used in buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • It is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Alabama. It is also illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church, and that's without an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Imagine what the penalty would be for that particular combination.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Constitution Village

Today we had the opportunity to go to Constitution Village in Downtown Huntsville. We purchased an annual pass sometime ago that includes the children's museum (plus others around the country), the train depot, and constitution village. We go to the children's museum and the train depot all the time, but this was our first visit to constitution village. This place is the history where the cabinet shop stands in which the delegates stood to sign the Alabama State Constitution in 1819. AL was the 22ND state in the US. It is set up a little like Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. We had a good time learning about how life was back then. The kids learned how things were built both from the cabinet shop and the blacksmith. They learned about the first post office and library here in Huntsville. They learned how clothes were made from cotton, and how food was made. It was very interesting. This picture is of an exact replica of the liberty bell, down to the one missed spelled word. Penn. is spelled with one N instead of two N's on the liberty bell. I never knew that. I made up a slide show of the days events. Have a look. Sorry the pictures are not that great. For some strange reason, I forgot my camera and so I used the camera from my cell phone. Sometime we will go back and I will take better pictures, but this will have to do for now. I will tell you one thing, things are so much easier now. They were definitely hard workers back then. I am amazed though the engineering ideas they came up with to make things just a little more easier. Very clever they were and smart. Wouldn't they be amazed how we took those ideas to what we now have.