Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gone Fishing

Since the kids were off of school and Jeremy took some time off of work, he decided to take the kids fishing.  I was lucky enough to stay home and get some much needed things done.  They seem to have a good time and he took some pictures.  I think they look kind of cool with the fog and all.  

They tell me that the fish just weren't biting this day. 

Both Megan and Emilee have gone fishing on Jeremy;s boat and have had the chance to catch some fish.  Hunter has yet to go on the boat.  He has gone fishing with Jeremy, but just off the shore.  He has yet to catch anything, and so doesn't see the thrill in fishing like the girls.  He will some day.

                 This picture kind of looks like "A River Runs through it". 
There is Emilee the star of the show.

After they were done fishing, they went on a little nature hike.  This is one of the buildings on the
hike that you could go into. 

Well, no fish for the day, but I think they had a good time anyway with dad....and of course I used my time well and got tons done. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Aahhh, Halloween!!  This is the time of year that my children look forward to the most.  They start planning it for the next year as soon as they get their costumes for Halloween .  And let me tell you, they change their minds about 5 times a day.  And then we get to that final day of selecting the costume and they get one that they  have never even discussed.  What can I say, they love it!  This year Jeremy went with them to get their costumes.  I didn't even know they were doing it.  They just came home with them like they did the dog. ( I am starting to think that maybe I should go along on all these Daddy - Kiddie outings.)  Well, I think the kids liked their choices and were so excited to dress up.  What fun they had at the Trunk or Treat and wouldn't you know it......They started discussing in the car, what they would be for the next year.
Megan wanted to be a devil.  I am not sure why this was, but she makes a pretty cute one.  If I would have been there, I would have tried to talk Emilee into being an Angel.  Now don't you think that would have been a cute picture?

Emilee decided on Spidergirl.  Now, I have to say that I thought this was just a made up character for Halloween so that the girls could use the Spiderman theme in their costumes.  Nope, she was real. (In the comic book world that is.) 
Spidergirl is the daughter of
Peter Parker and MaryJane.  Who knew??
Hunter went back and forth between Batman and Wolverine.  In the end it was Wolverine that won.  His favorite part of the costume of course, are the pretend knives that have the appearance of coming out of the hands.  He does look tough though.

Until next year......I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

"Lyons Farm"--TN

We just recently took the kids to Lyons Farm.  They have a few of these kinds of farms around here that are open for the month of October to pick pumpkins.  It was very fun for the kids.  We spent most of the day there.  The kids went through a corn maze (over and over and I think they tried really hard to get lost as much as they could),they played in huge piles of corn, slid down monster slides, road cow trains, jumped in bouncy houses, played on mountains of tractor tires, played on tractor tire swings, ate funnel cake, and of course, picked their pumpkins.  It was very fun for everyone.  I couldn't decide what pictures to put on the blog so I chose them all.