Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthdays, Globals and even a baptism all in the month of May

May has been a busy month.  It usually is a busy month for us here at the Lamps home, but this year, it has been even busier.  It is the month of birthdays for us.  Megan, Emilee and Hunter all have a birthday the last week of May.  Why you say did I do that.  Well, I just meant to go for the summer because I taught but Emilee and Hunter decided on their own to come into the world earlier then expected.  It is a little like Christmas for us here in May.  We also had a few other events that happened as well which kept the month very occupied with many many things to do.  Because the kids birthdays are at the end of May, birthday parties tend to be earlier because have you ever tried to plan a birthday party around Memorial Day?  It is never very successful.  Also, they don't all get a party every year.  Megan and Hunter get one on their even age and Emilee gets one on her odd age.  This was a year for Megan and Hunter so first up is Megan.

 Megan turned the big 12 this year.  I can't believe it.  My little baby girl is growing up and growing up fast.  I swear she can't possible be 12, but she is and she has the 12 year old personality to match.  I told her a couple of years ago that if she wanted, when she turned 12, she could have a slumber party.  So, that is what she did.  She invited 5 of her closest friends and the party was on.  What a party it was.  She didn't want a cake.  She is very much into drawing and reading about these Anime characters so she made cupcakes and she attempted to decorate each cupcake as these characters.  I don't think they looked exactly like them by any means, but the girls could tell and had fun with them anyway.
It was quite the night.  Jeremy took everyone camping so that they wouldn't have to be around all these 12 year old girls and it is a good thing they did.  I finally told them to calm down about midnight and I continued to hear them even around 2 am which I finally went into her bedroom and said enough is enough, turn all the lights out and go to bed.  Finally, it was quiet.  Until I had to wake them up the next morning and let me tell you, I had a blast doing that.
The next week, we had a bowling party for Hunter.  We took Hunter and some of his closet friends bowling on the army base.  Hunter turned the big 8.  Holy Cow!  Can you believe it.  My baby is 8.  Taking these boys out was so different then taking my girls and their friends out.  Boys love to make strange noises and talk about strange smells and talk about strange nonsense things.  What fun they had though.
It is so hard to believe that he is 8.  He is doing so many things right now.  He learned to love to read, he does Taekwondo and is now learning to play the piano.  He loves to laugh, but we have learned not to make him laugh too much or there may be consequences and not the good ones either.
Next up is Global 2012.  I have been talking about this Destination Imagination for sometime now.  Emilee and her team had the opportunity to compete against the whole world at Globals in Knoxville, TN.  It was quite the event.  They left on a Wednesday and didn't return until Sunday.  Even with all the activities that there were, that might be just a couple days to long for these 10 year olds.  Pin trading was the big thing there.  All these countries and states had their own trading pins and the kids traded pins like you might trade baseball cards.  Some pins seemed to have more value then others and you could negotiate pins.  Emilee started with 5 pins, but came home with 34 pins.  I would say she is quite the negotiator.  This was a great way for kids to interact with other kids from around the world.  Emilee met kids from Korea, China, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, states like Louisiana, New Hampshire, California, New York and many many other places.

I felt that the kids not only did great with their instant challenge, but they did a wonderful job on their main challenge.  They were one of the youngest groups there and considering this was their first year in Destination Imagination, they have done quite well.  Will I do this next year you might ask?  I really don't know.  If someone else would like to take charge I am all for that and I would help all the time, but if Emilee wants to continue this next year and they need someone to make her team, then of course I would do it for her.
That brings us to Hunter's Baptism.  Emilee and I had to return home from Global one day early so that we would be ready for Hunter's baptism.  Hunter turned 8 years old this day and actually was baptized on his birthday.  That was just like Emilee when she was 8.  He was so excited and looked very sharp and missionary like in his suit.  He was baptized with a friend as well and so it was a perfect day.  When I asked him how he felt after he said, "I know I should have felt cold when I got out of the water, but I actually felt really warm."  I love it when kids make the connection.  It was a lovely day and I am so proud of Hunter and the decision he has made.

Last is Emilee's birthday.  She did not get a party this year.  She had a party last year, but she had quite the day.  She was treated like a queen the whole day with a tiara and everything.  When we woke up I took just her took breakfast and then off to get a foot pedicure.  She has wanted one for so long.  She is my girly girl for sure. She felt so special.  I asked her if it made her feel relaxed and she wanted to go to sleep and she said, "No, it makes me feel like I want to do it again."  Oh dear!  What have I done?

Earlier she wanted to go to Steak and Shake for dinner and get a large milk shake all to her self, but she decided that she would like to have mom's lasagna instead.  I think that ended up being a better day.

Personally, I like it when the kids don't have birthday parties.  I like doing the stuff with them that make the day just a little bit special.  It was a great day!

That brings us to now.  May is done and birthdays and special events are over.  School is out and Summer begins.  Can I relax now?  Probably not!