Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aren't they just some of the cutest kids?  Even with their faces painted all up.  Well, most of you know that I hate grocery shopping.  I can put it off and off and off until it can't be put off anymore and then I will have to
get so much stuff.  Well, that was the case yesterday.  It had to be done.  The girls were at their friends house and Hunter went with me.  After we were done though, he proceeded to tell everyone just how much I spent on groceries.  I mean everyone.  Nothing is kept secret when a six year old is around.  Well, after I was done, I decided that I was too tired to cook and since Jeremy was out-of-town, I decided we were going out to dinner.  Now some of you might know of "Mellow Mushroom".  If you don't, you are missing out.  It is a great pizza place and I know my pizza.  On Monday nights here in Huntsville, AL...Kids eat free, so off we went.  They had free face painting so the kids insisted and I said go to it.  This is what the outcome was.  We have a fairy queen, a black widow, and a tiger.  Like I said at the beginning....aren't they just the cutest kids??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Time Out that started with a big "Crash"

I attended yet another "Time Out for Women".  I love to go.  I would really like to go to Women's Conference at BYU, but I am a little far at the moment so instead, when it is available, I have been so blessed to attend "Time Out for Women".  This time it was in Nashville, TN.  Nashville is about 75 miles north of us, so not too far to go.  My friend Marie and I were suppose to go in Atlanta together back in October, but I needed to attend the funeral of my sweet little niece and so I missed going with Marie.  When the opprotunity came to go to Nashville this year, we both got the OK from the husbands and headed off.  Marie had asked another friend to come along as well and the three of us had a great time. 

Most of you know that Jeremy goes out of town a lot.  Because of this, he accumulates a lot of hotel points.  So we were blessed to stay in the Renissance Marriott which was connected to the convention center that Time Out was being held at.  Very convienent.  I parked in the garage, got my bag out of the back seat, shut the hatch down, and "CRASH!!!!"  My back window shattered into a thousand pieces.  Now let me explain something to you.  I have had this SUV for about 2 weeks.  I was not excited to not only hear this loud crash, but to also see my window in thousands of peices on the garage floor.  All three of us were silent for maybe 30 sec, but it seemed more like 5 min.  It sounded like someone shot through my window.  I had no idea what to do.  I called Jeremy, he called Honda, took all my stuff out of the car, and checked into the hotel room.  After we got some dinner, I went back to the car and reparked it in a stall backed up to a wall so hopefully nobody would know I had no back window. 
Now it is a little hard to see that there really is no window, but it is very much opened.  Here is some of the glass inside the car, the rest was on the floor.  Well, hopefully Honda will take full responsibility and fix it.  I think it most definately was a defect on their part.  I will take it in tomorrow and I hope they give me a car to drive, 'cause Jeremy is in Jacksonville and I will be carless during Spring Break. 

Funny Story:  A few weeks ago one evening, I had come down with a bad case of flu.  Achy body, cold chills, it was aweful.  I had been crying, wishing for my mother like a little four year old at which time Jeremy had given me a blessing.  Well I guess all my crying worried Hunter.  The next morning I was all better.  Hunter had said this to me:  "Mommy, I thought you were going to die last night and so I prayed that you would get better and not die and Heavenly Father answered my prayer"  Sweet right?  Well today I was telling Hunter that hopefully I will get a car so we can do some stuff this week so I said, "Pray for a car."  Hunter said, "Like when I prayed that you wouldn't die?"  Kids have so much faith.  We can truly learn from them. 

Well after all the boom and crash, we acturally had a pretty good weekend.  I hardly thought of my car, except when it was brought up from time to time.  Here are some hilights of the weekend.

This is Marie Kilpatrick, Karen Bagley, and me getting ready for the evening talks and performances.  Now I had never really met Karen before, but I enjoyed being around her.  I found her very fun to be around and I hope we can continue to keep in contact.  I had seen her every week and didn't even know what a great person she was.  We are both in the nursery in our wards and as I am leaving, she is coming in.  Small world, right?  
This is Merrilee Boyack with Marie.  She just loves her and I thought these were the cutest pictures.  She looks like a person in heaven meeting someone who has been a great influence. 
This is Mary Ellen Edmunds.  It was fun to hear her.  She is someone I remember my mom talking about all the time. 
This is Mariama Kallon.  I heard her speak at Time Out in Plano, TX.  I wanted to get a picture with her then, but didn't get a chance.  She has an amaizing story and a huge amount of faith and hope.  She grew up in Africa in a place called Sierra Leone, while they were in a war.  Her parents were killed, and she watched her sister get her arms and legs chopped off and came very close in losing her own life.  She had no more family, but somehow she found the gospel.  I love to listen to her speak.  If you ever get a chance, look her up.  She has a heartbreaking, but wonderful story to tell.
After the evening talks finished, we felt like some dessert.  We went to the place called Mortons.  Very classy.  I mean the waiter even had a special tool to sweep the crumbs off the table.  He called it his "zambonie". 

The rest of the weekend was just as great.  I loved Hilary Weeks like always, heard some great talks, and took some great thoughts home with me.  Will I do it again?  Most likely.  We even made it home with no window in the back.  Poor Karen had to endure the wind, but she was exhausted and hardly noticed.  Jeremy and I put some plastic on it because we heard it will probobly rain, but hopefully I can get it to Honda before any rain hits.  Of course, I can't see through the back now so if you are driving near me, you might want to move away. 

(OK, so my spell check is not working, so if I have tons of spelling errors, I am so sorry and please remember that I never claimed to be a genius.  I mean, I was a kindergarten teacher.  How many words do I really need to know how to spell?  Let's just call it inventive spelling and leave it at that.)