Thursday, August 14, 2014

Louisville, KY - July 2014

A big family vacation was not in the cards this year.  We have been saving our money to go to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida.  Our plans are to go this October for Fall Break.  Jeremy does a lot of working out of town and was going to Louisville, KY.  He asked us to come along this time and make it a kind of mini vacation.  At first the girls were going to go on this big zip line there that is in an underground cave, but at the last minute, they decided to go to the amusement/water park.  That was right across the street from our hotel.  Hunter didn't want to go.  He had plans to hang out with some friends here and keep his grandma company.    

It was quite and eventful day.  Hot, very hot.  Emilee didn't want to go on the scary rides with Megan and so she was frustrated, but by the end, Megan finally got Emilee on a log ride.  Emilee loved it and couldn't get enough of it.  By then though, it was too late to go on the other things.  The park was closing.  Oh well. Hopefully she will have more courage for our trip to Florida in October.  The next day, I did some shopping with the girls and we met Jeremy and had Cheesecake Factory.  They have never eaten there and hope to eat there again real soon.  I think they liked everything about it....especially the cheesecake.

 It was a short trip.  Every time we come home from a trip to KY, we always stop at one of the caves.  This time it was the "Lost River Cave".  I think I would like to visit the area again.  There was a lot more I would have liked to see of it.

It had a butterfly habitat there.  It was fun to be in the middle of all the butterflies.  Very beautiful.  I highly recommend this place.

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